DMF: The Power of Generosity

If you told me that “December” comes from the Latin word for “generosity,” I would believe you – or at least I would want to believe you, because the spirit of generosity seems to shine brightest as we approach the year’s end. The Foundation is powered by that spirit, and especially in December, we see many individual acts of generosity that flow together to become a powerful force for good.


In last month’s column, we detailed our 2020-21 community grants totaling over $240,000. The stories behind each grant are more significant, in my estimation, than the amount – and together, they paint a compelling picture of who we are as a community, and how we work together to meet critical needs and make Del Mar a better place.


Other columns have focused on DMF’s wide array of cultural and community events – many held virtually at the beginning of this year, and then, as Covid-19 conditions allowed, returning with great joy to in-person events. Perhaps your favorite was the Halloween Dog Parade; or the exquisite music of the Hausmann Quartet, or the recent DMFTalk on wildlife conservation. I certainly can’t pick a favorite, because to me, the magic of all of these events is the profound sense of community that they foster.


For everything you do to bring the spirit of generosity to Del Mar, whether it’s by supporting DMF or by other means, the Foundation sends out its warmest thanks to you. And here’s wishing you a bright new year, full of the beautiful Del Mar days we are so privileged to enjoy!