Dinosaur Do-Over: New Look, New Owner

In case you have never browsed in the Dinosaur Gallery, know that there are in fact fossils and skeletal parts once belonging to dinosaurs that are for sale. Also know that there is more to see in this newly redone gallery. There is an extensive variety of fossils, geodes, artifacts, stones, minerals/crystals in all sizes, shapes, and colors from across the earth. The new owner Sibel Tuncel who has taken over the store from Gladys White (who still comes in on weekends) has reordered the space to clearly display the unique objects and has added more jewelry options to the original inventory. Sibel and her husband Jon, jewelry designers, expanded from their store Mythos in La Jolla. She offers a line of their jewelry designs using metals and semi precious gems. Or you can choose to repurpose your existing jewelry into a new collaborative design. Sibel extends a discount to Del Mar residents. Note: The only fossil not for sale is the actual jaw of a hippo. 1327 Camino Del Mar. Hours: 11:00 AM-5:00 PM daily.

The new owner Sibel Tuncel. Photos by Julie Maxey-Allison.