Paris Fashion: Masks

I recently spent two months in France and loved every minute of it. Most of the time I wandered the streets of Paris. One of the reasons that I felt comfortable there was because I felt that France was tackling Covid in a concerted way. Everyone wears a mask inside stores, cinemas, museums, restaurants, and public transportation such as metros, buses and intercity railroads. In addition, everyone had to show that they were vaccinated if they wanted to access these places, except essential activities such as grocery stores and public transportation only required masks. France issues une passe sanitaire (health pass) for those who are vaccinated. There is a mobile app, like the California covid app, which contains a QR code that is scanned when proof of vaccination is required. Also, I had to make reservations at specific times to enter most museums which limited the crowds both outside and inside. There was very little grumbling about the requirements. The weekly protests over the rules were certainly televised but had little effect since everyone I saw was following the rules. This isn’t just true in Paris. Every little village that we visited was just as careful as Paris. 


Despite their precautions, cases are increasing and restrictions which some felt would be lifted are remaining in place. I read this week that the vaccinated will soon lose their passe sanitaire if they are 65 and older and have not received their booster dose.