Bohemian Alchemist

Step into Bohemian Alchemist, a newly opened coffee and tea house, to enjoy “unusual and evocative flavors including ingredients like yaupon, a native American plant similar to tea but with a unique rich flavor that pairs well with herbs and fruits, to jaggery, a raw Indian cane sugar we use along with hand-ground spices to create chai” says owner Sarah Jaeger, whose background is in wellness. The shop is the “first and only facility in San Diego to have a sand brewing system. We use it to make Turkish coffee, a foundation for drinks including licorice root, rose, cardamom.” Also offered: in-house produced baked goods with flavors that will be rotated with the seasons. The shop decor is an eclectic mix of wallpaper, distinctive lighting, antique furniture, and exotic accent pieces arranged at tables and in unique nooks for small groups to gather. There are additional tables outside. Hours: 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM daily. 1202 Camino Del Mar, (952) 484-1157.

Bohemian Alchemist owner Sarah Jaeger. Photos by Julie Maxey-Allison.