In Brief

Del Mar Census: Who Counts?
2010 vs. 2020; Smaller, More Diverse

Of note, Del Mar continues to lose population despite SANDAG projections that it will keep growing like other North Coastal cities (see table below). The SANDAG projection for 2020 is 10% higher than the actual numbers. This mistaken projection has negative impacts on our housing assessments and regional traffic plans.

Bully’s Replacement

The Hillstone Group restaurant scheduled to be built at the old site of Bully’s was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sandpiper reached out to Hillstone to see if and when they plan on developing a restaurant at that site. Here is their response:

“We are very excited about the site in Del Mar. Unfortunately, a lot of our development was delayed due to the pandemic, but we are definitely committed to the long term success of that location. Regrettably, we do not have an opening timeline to share, but please feel free to check back anytime for an update. Thank you for your support, and we hope for the pleasure of serving you soon!”

Kind regards,
Jessica Treadway, Hillstone Guest Services

Dog Divas

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary next year, the Del Mar Foundation is producing a Dog Calendar that will feature dogs – perhaps your dog! – professionally photographed at several iconic Del Mar locations: Del Mar Plaza, Shores Park, a private garden setting, and of course, Dog Beach. The calendar will be a professionally-designed spiral bound “perpetual” calendar which you can use for years to come to keep track of important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. For information on how to sign up:


An Electric Decision by the City Council

The Del Mar City Council voted 5-0 on July 12th to opt up to the Clean Energy Alliance’s 100% renewable Green Impact electricity product to power all municipal buildings. The council discussion emphasized the environmental benefits and minimal cost of the choice, which was estimated at $3700 per year. The 100% renewable energy will result in a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the prior electricity supply from San Diego Gas & Electric. Kudos to the council for this smart choice.


Where the Tunnels Are

SANDAG staff presented an update to the 22nd DAA Fair Board on August 10th about the design of the new San Dieguito River railway bridge, seasonal platform for major fair events, and double tracking between Solana Beach and Del Mar. The project is now divided into two stages, with double tracking north of the fairgrounds to proceed first beginning in 2023, with the bridge and seasonal platform to follow as funding allows. In response to a question about how this project aligns with the two tunnel options being studied by SANDAG, the answer was that both tunnels would start well south of the new bridge. Exactly where remains to be determined.


Kid’s Play + Art

The New Children’s Museum opened a satellite space, Art + Play, at the Del Mar Plaza on August 20, featuring an immersive art installation (a smaller version of Wobbleland by San Diego artist Marisol Rendón), a hands-on makerspace, and a museum store. Museum and City officials were on hand for the opening, and the Wobbleland installation proved to be an immersive experience for the first child to explore it when the doors opened after the ribbon-cutting. Photos below.