In Brief

Winston Woes 

Winston’s proposed redevelopment plan was considered by City Council on May 17th. By unanimous vote (with Councilmember Druker recused based on living within 500 ft. of the school), the Council directed Winston to amend their plan in three specific ways: 1) to include Building 5 in its plan, 2) to show how it is going to address parking long-term within its leasehold area, and 3) to state how the proposed development will bring all the buildings (Buildings 1-5) up to current codes. The Council also extended the June 8 deadline for their response by 45 days, to July 23. Speaking at the Council meeting, Dr. Dena Harris, Head of School, said that the City “keeps moving the goal posts.” In a May 21 letter to Winston, Interim City Manager Ashley Jones responded to that claim by citing prior communications that, according to Jones, demonstrate the consistency in the City’s position on these redevelopment issues.