Juice Joint

Elixir, our Local and Organic Food and Juice Joint, opened in 2017 to offer a thoughtfully healthy menu that is produced out of a small space with handy outdoor seating. It almost didn’t happen. Randy Gruber, owner of the neighboring Americana Restaurant, was first offered the space as a possible ice cream store. He hesitated and another group signed on to the ice cream idea. They though soon signed off and Randy was again offered the space. This time, having done his homework researching other possible venues, he opted in to set up a juice bar for Del Mar. Randy worked with consultants from the restaurant business (his father had also been in the business) to create the concept, the signage, the kitchen layout of the space and the menu. Today’s display in the stop-in shop consists of organic versions of juices, to order or cold pressed, smoothies, a variety of bowls featuring vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, salads, paninis, gluten free pastries. Elixir also presents a selection of “cleanses” and gives day by day instructions.


Elixir also takes sustainability seriously. All the take-out containers and utensils are compostable. The used vegetable pulp is available for you to collect and recycle into your own compost containers. Their juices and waters are sold in returnable glass bottles for a $1 refund for each.

Inside Elixir with owner Randy Gruber. Photo Julie Maxey-Allison
Elixir. Photo Julie Maxey-Allison