Eco Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, platforms that allow inventors to raise funds for research, manufacturing and product distribution, has made it feasible for unique inventions to see the light of day. Using crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and WeFunder, inventors share their innovations with interested communities that come together to fund them. By raising small amounts of money from a significant number of people, often by pre-selling a product, many artistic, tech, community-oriented and entrepreneurial ventures can move forward without incurring debt. It is estimated that over 20 million people from all continents have participated in Kickstarter projects alone, and 800,000 innovative ideas have seen product realization through the Indiegogo platform.


Hence, no project is too small or too outlandish, if a community of supporters, or backers as they are called, comes together to pitch in a few dollars. Potential supporters are made aware through social media advertisements or through weekly updates from crowdfunding platforms. What does sustainability have to do with crowdfunding, one might ask? The long list of innovations includes a stunning number of eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for day-to-day life needs.


Here are a just a few ideas found on and


Briiv Air Filter, is the most sustainable air purifier, with 100% renewable, natural and compostable filtration materials. With the filtration power of 3,043 house plants and integrated Alexa and Google Assistant, it sure sounds interesting!


GoSun Chillest, is a solar powered cooler that doesn’t require ice. With its fridge and freezer temperature-controlled compartments, it makes using ice to cool food a thing of the past.


Lomi, is a countertop composter that turns kitchen waste into compost. In as little as 4 hours, using the express mode, a nutrient-rich compost is ready to use for indoor plants or to toss in the garden.


Storiedhats make distinctive headwear made out of old coffee grounds, algae biomass, cactus, banana fibers, and recycled plastic bottles. In case you wondered, the micro-pores of “coffee fabric” reflect UV rays!


I must say that I was tempted by a simple yet innovative product, known as the Last Tissue Box (“The Reusable Tissue Box”). Aimed at reducing deforestation, it is a colorful silicon box which holds soft cotton washable tissues. Supported by 4,178 backers, this fun idea raised over $400,000. It is estimated that each box will save the user, and the planet, 9,360 tissues. Can’t wait to receive my order in July!