Seriously Sustainable Brew

Viewpoint Brewing Co. is taking sustainable practices seriously. The team runs a tight ship where food supplies are closely monitored following the first-in first-out system to ensure that no food goes to waste. The spent grain from brewing beer is sent to local pig farms. Biodegradable containers are used for takeout, while promoting the M’Porte reusable containers. Viewpoint was one of the first restaurants to join M’Porte, the Zero Waste takeout solution, when it launched in 2019. Viewpoint’s delicious food is also available for purchase through (Eat In Good Company), which delivers frozen chef meals at home in reusable containers. Of course, beer can be purchased in refillable Growlers!


Furthermore, Viewpoint is looking for a food scrap recycling program to divert away from the landfill. Charles, owner, reports working proactively with Clem Brown, Environmental Sustainability Manager at the City of Del Mar. With the support from the City Council, Charles is confident to find a solution in the near Future.


How to enjoy Viewpoint Brewing Co. takeout food sustainably with M’Porte?


– For the first time, one could order their container directly from, or simply call apa rticipating restaurant and ask for their takeout meal to be served in a M’porte (“emporter” which means “to take with you” in French) Zero-Waste Takeout container.


– The one-time $25 cost of the container is added to your bill.


– Once you are done enjoying the meal, simply rinse the container, until you plan on a takeout dinner again!


– When ordering takeout from a participating restaurant again, mention that you will be trading a M’Porte container, and request to place your takeout order into a sanitized M’Porte container.


– Et voilà! You have successfully saved a container. You are part of the solution!


– Extra points for scanning the QR code of the M’Porte program on a sign near the cashier, which helps the program track how many times the containers are traded around town!