Anna Sohn’s Sprouts to Share

Anna Sohn, a junior at Francis Parker School on a hybrid schedule, is using her days between in-school time to work on her virtual classes and to fulfill her community service requirement, complicated during the pandemic: she and her school friends plotted out and planted a vegetable garden to be shared.


Anna and friends built individual planting beds 6 feet apart to be easily socially distanced to work on with a donation from her parents for the urban garden essentials, wood, soil, sprouts and a little land grant on Crest Road from her grandparents. Each planted bed is filled with a variety of vegetables including broccoli, kale, lettuces, cabbage, Swiss chard, interspersed with colorful flowers. When ready, the produce will be distributed to seniors at the Bayside Community Center, an area close to the school that lacks grocery stores selling fresh produce.