Is Recycling Important

Recycling is an important solution for addressing environmental problems, but not everyone knows why. I think recycling is important for our environment because without our planet Earth, we would not be able to live. Global warming is bad for the ocean as well as the earth. If your trash ends up in the sea, it puts animals and plants in danger! Recycling is useful because you reuse your trash.This is why recycling is important for our environment.


Every few days, our planet’s surface gets bit by bit warmer. This is called global warming. Every year, the sea rises about 3.6 mm ( Toxins and plastic gases are causing the icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctica oceans to melt because they are warming up the air. As the sea takes over land, all the cute animals like pandas and polar bears are going to die or lose their homes because of not recycling (including plants). This is why recycling is important to prevent global warming.


If you do not recycle, your trash sometimes ends up in the sea causing marine life to have risks of extinction (Readworks). Seagulls and other birds eat plastic and human-made creations which are bad for them. Some plastics are very dangerous and harmful. When you are swimming, or bathing in the sea, your own body gets exposed to these products. This is why not recycling is threatening for marine life and not good for people.


Recycling is useful because you reuse your own trash. The Trash-o-saurus is a 2000-pound dinosaur that was made from trash including false teeth, license plates and tires from the former Garbage Museum, Connecticut. This trash dinosaur explains that you can reuse, mold, or sculpt your waste for new purposes, such as for art, architecture, tools… You can also melt your bottles or use biodegradable plastic. Another solution is to not use plastic!


Suddenly we realize that recycling is vital for our planet. Icebergs are melting because of global warming. Trash is ending up into the ocean causing marine life to die! Reusing our waste is giving it a new life. If we don’t act fast, planet earth is going to be at stake, so let’s keep recycling!