In Brief

Opt In Energy

Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) will begin sending out notification letters to Del Mar residents in March prior to launching as the electricity provider in May. After the launch, billing and electricity transmission and distribution will continue to be provided by San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E). By state law, CEA will be the default electricity provider and residents may opt out to continue receiving electricity from SDG&E. Opt-out instructions are included in the four required mailings, two in March and April before CEA begins service, and two in June and July after CEA has started service. Opt-out rates for other Community Choice Energy providers has averaged about 5% of customers.


More details on the cost of energy and the choice of clean energy options will be available after the March 4th CEA Board meeting. Cleaner energy supply is a top priority for the city’s Climate Action Plan and provides local control over both pricing and energy efficiency measures.