Cliff Collapse Caution

A cautionary tale about our coast concerns cliff collapses. These picturesque, charming but non-static structures erode and crumble at rates depending on, among other issues, substructure and weather. Happily no one here has been injured from the many small cliff collapses on our south beach or, further south, from the early January cliff slide at Torrey Pines beach. But, three family members died in Encinitas August, 2019, when a chunk of dense sand/earth buried them.


These natural erosions are not only on the beaches. A diaper still drapes the cliff at Camino Del Mar/Jimmy Durante from the April, 2019 cliff failure that clogged northbound lane for days till it was dug out. A more recent landfall tossed some six feet of the backyard bluff of an Amphitheatre house down to the property’s edge on 11th Street. Take note. Take care.