Mayoral Priorities

Mayor Terry Gaasterland delivered her “State of the City” speech at the first council meeting of 2021. The full version is available online, and we present her concluding remarks below.


Mayor Gaasterland’s MUST-DOs


I want to mention two over-arching must-do priorities:


  1. Our most important asset is our beach. We must get our Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan approved by the Coastal Commission. We need our sand replenishment permits to take advantage of opportunities to nourish the beaches.
  2. A big question will be whether and how to resume Utility Undergrounding. Even with unknown future Measure Q revenue recovery, we must find a way to pursue a demonstration project, even if reduced in scope. Let’s work with SDG&E on design schedules and subsidies. Let’s figure out what size project can be done, even now, and let’s get started.

This will be a year full of challenges. COVID is far from over.


As Mayor of Del Mar for the next year, I hope to be a catalyst for bringing our community together for the benefit of all Del Mar residents. We are facing an unknown future with diminished operating funds to accomplish all that will be needed. Working together we can go a long way toward reaching our goals. That is what I will be focused on.