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Pipe Up! Letter to the Editor: Dan Quirk’s Rumination on Homelessness by Anne Farrell


Dear Editors,


Dan Quirk’s “rumination” on homelessness, widely distributed by email last Friday, is pretty enraging and stupid. A commentary in the LA Times on Saturday tells a compelling story of how deeply complex homelessness is, all the failures of government, and the many layers of humanity it takes to get someone off the streets…

July 2022 Print Issue

Jasmine Criqui, departing Roving Teen Reporter. Thank you and best wishes, Jasmine!
Jasmine Criqui, Departing Roving Teen Reporter

Young Voices: Jasmine to Georgetown

Growing up, Jasmine Criqui and her parents sat at the dinner table every Monday to share and exchange their opinions on the latest local events and world news. Over the years, these weekly discussions have helped her develop a strong passion for exploring and understanding politics – now taking her talents to Georgetown University, where she plans to pursue political science and a minor in journalism.   


Covid Update: Negative or Not?

In an accompanying article, I report that my wife and I both tested negative before our return trip from Europe and for 5-7 days after returning to Del Mar. These tests were all variants of the rapid COVID antigen tests that report


Travel in the Time of Covid

After two years avoiding international travel because of the COVID pandemic, my wife Ann Feeney and I decided to spend five weeks in Europe this May and June. We are both fully vaccinated (two initial shots and two boosters), so we decided


Bluffs Stabilization: Hobson’s Choice

I believe the SANDAG/Coastal Commission approval of a plan for track protection by armoring the Del Mar bluffs is one of the most consequential changes Del Mar has ever experienced. We have been presented with two alternatives (Door A and Door B).


Bluffs Stabilization: Short Term / Long Term

Sometimes short-term damage is unavoidable to achieve long term benefit. When someone has a heart attack, it may be necessary to cut open their chest — a damaging process — to save their life. To restore our beautiful lagoon, heavy construction equipment


Critters: Squirrelly

Perhaps you recall the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin of the British Beatrix Potter’s imagination written in 1903 about an impertinent red squirrel named Nutkin and his narrow escape from an owl, Old Brown, at the cost of Nutkin’s losing his tail. Know


Commentary: Tewagate

The Tewa Street neighborhood undergrounding project has begun just as the drought-plagued fire season begins. Council Member Gaasterland, working with political allies in the neighborhood, convinced the Council majority (Gaasterland, Druker, Martinez, Quirk) to move this project to the head of the


Hubbell Plaques

A celebration of Del Mar’s first public artwork, a sculpture by acclaimed artist James Hubbell, took place on June 3, 2022, with the unveiling of two bronze plaques at a reception held in front of the Del Mar Library, the sculpture’s location.


Well-Composed Life

When composer Jordan Kuspa moved back to Del Mar in 2018, he immediately began to think about setting down musical roots: “I had been away since childhood, and wanted to create something that would keep me connected to Del Mar, no matter


Housing Sticker Shock

At a special City Council meeting on June 13, two consultant teams presented Phase I planning studies for affordable housing on the Fairgrounds and on two vacant City-owned sites. Council members seemed taken aback by the large amount of local money that


Milk Eggs & Number 5

I recently visited my parents in Del Mar where I grew up. I wanted to get some tortilla chips to accompany homemade guacamole. My Dad said that I would have to go to the Del Mar Heights Vons. I remembered back to


Clean and Crisp Beach Front

Location! Oceanfront! Occupying the same space as the former Del Mar Motel, vintage 1968, the Del Mar Beach Hotel is open under new ownership after multiple months of intense renovations. The 46 reconfigured rooms are clean and crisp with communal outdoor side


Dry Drought Years

January, February and March of this year were the driest ever recorded in California. And 2020, 2021 and 2022 are projected to be the driest three-year period ever recorded.    Researchers just down the road from Del Mar, at Scripps Institution of


George Hoover 1937-2022

George was a wine connoisseur and a political activist who helped pass the Community Plan, elect “green” Council Members, acquire open space (Seagrove Park, Anderson Canyon, Crest Canyon). As a financial advisor and early Qualcomm investor he helped create numerous multimillionaires. He


Del Mar Foundation

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in… ~Victor Hugo   Gardens and trees, butterflies and bees – summer immerses us in a natural world that is truly an immensity to dream in. But what legacy will we pass on to


Del Mar Community Connections

Ice Cream Social 2022 We had a wonderful time on the Civic Center Plaza at DMCC’s annual Spring Ice Cream Social on May 20. In its second year, the Ice Cream Social is quickly becoming a community favorite event on our calendar.


Del Mar Beaches Make Honor Roll

Heal The Bay’s annual report grades 500 beaches throughout California, giving Del Mar a perfect water score along with fourteen other San Diego County beaches. The nonprofit bases its scoring on the levels of fecal-indicator bacterial pollution in the ocean measured by county health agencies. Our county trailed only Orange County in the number of beaches on the Honor Roll.

Grannies Growth

Del Mar has received 93 applications for Accessory Development Units (ADU), sometimes known as “granny flats.” So far 49 building permits have been approved. By state law, ADUs are not subject to local review or zoning limits. The city cannot track whether these units are actually used for rentals, but the state does count them as new units.

Collectors Covered

When the City was in the process of awarding the new contract for collection of trash, recycling, and organics, many residents provided comments to the City Council offering high praise for Waste Management’s trash collectors. EDCO offered to hire all WM trash collectors assigned to Del Mar, including full credit for the seniority accruing from their WM employment. Of the three WM drivers/collectors who worked in Del Mar, one, who worked in commercial collection, decided to retire, but has a short-term contract with EDCO to train the new driver. The two who worked in residential collection are expected to accept EDCO’s offer. So Del Mar residents can expect to see the same friendly and professional drivers/collectors after July 1, when EDCO’s Del Mar service begins. EDCO’s service will use two-axle trucks for Del Mar, though one of those is not expected to arrive until the end of July.

Fencing Match on the Bluffs

Those interested in the North County Transit District’s (NCTD’s) plan to install fencing its right-of-way on the Del Mar bluffs may need a law degree to follow the convoluted legal proceedings seeking to uphold or challenge NCTD’s right to install the fence. Originally, NCTD filed a petition with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) seeking a ruling that state law obligations asserted by the City of Del Mar and the California Coastal Commission (CCC), such as State law-based environmental requirements, are preempted by federal law, with respect to NCTD’s fencing plan. More recently, two separate additional legal actions were filed in state court against NCTD: one by Friends of Del Mar Bluffs and Laura DeMarco, and another by CCC. Both cases were removed by NCTD to federal court. On June 2, 2022, the federal judge issued a stay in both of those cases, noting that “the orderly course of justice measured in terms of simplifying issues is served by allowing the STB to determine the preemption issues.” CCC has moved to set aside that stay. Meanwhile, there is no indication when the STB is likely to decide the case pending before it. NCTD’s Matt Tucker stated in a recent STB filing that NCTD will not act to install the fence until after STB rules on the petition pending there.

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Quotable Del Mar


“The Second Amendment is not a license to kill. Gun violence is predictable and preventable. A proven way is to regulate access to military-style assault weapons that have been used in almost every mass murder in America. The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban reduced gun violence by 43%, and its expiration in 2004 increased the number of deaths by 239%.”

— Sandpiper Commentary, “Gun Violence is Predictable and Preventable: You Can Help Stop the Violence

Rose Ann Sharp, left, with Todd Gloria and other public officials. Photo courtesy of Ira Sharp.

Del Mar resident Rose Ann Sharp, founder of NeverAgainCA, has been at the forefront of political activism to support gun safety measures, calling on public officials at all levels “to stop playing politics with peoples’ lives and address our epidemic of gun violence.” She is “fearless” in her work to make “our community a safer place for all of us,” according to San Diego Mayor and former 78th District Assemblymember Todd Gloria.