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DMF: February 2019
Bill Morris and Sandra Hoyle | Del Mar Foundation

Is Del Mar a wonderful place to live because of a pervasive sense of volunteerism, or does volunteerism permeate Del Mar because it is a wonderful place to live? A volunteer is someone who freely offers to do something. The existence of a strong sense of volunteerism in Del Mar really can’t be argued.

Even after 5+ years of volunteering for the Del Mar Foundation, I am constantly reminded of the many local non-profit organizations that exist in Del Mar because of its volunteer spirit. We are thankful to share our city with other non-profit entities including the Friends of the Powerhouse, the Friends of the Library, the Garden Club, the Rose Society, the Del Mar Historical Society, Del Mar Community Connections, Rotary, Del Mar TV, San Diego River Valley Conservancy, Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley and the Del Mar Farmer’s Market. These organizations, and many others, commingle for the Annual DMF Picnic at the Powerhouse Park in September. They coordinate an enthusiastic presence complete with volunteers intent on spreading information on each organization’s mission.

Why is the volunteer spirit so pervasive in Del Mar? I find that Del Mar is full of passionate, well educated and enthusiastic people. There is no better way to leave your inscription on your community than to volunteer to help some aspect of it about which you feel strongly.

Del Marians have learned to lead by example, demonstrating to each other that they are willing to give freely of themselves to make Del Mar the wonderful place it is. Please keep in mind that the problem isn’t that the check-in line at the Del Mar Foundation Easter Egg Hunt is too long; the problem is that the check-in line doesn’t have the benefit of your passion, insight and energy checking people in. So, go make an impact in Del Mar and volunteer!

The Del Mar Foundation is always in need of people who want to make Del Mar a great place to live -- contact us at http://www.delmarfoundation.org or @delmarfoundation on Facebook or info@delmarfoundation.org and we can help you find the volunteer position that you never knew you wanted!



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