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Streetscape Emerging
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

The contractor is making every effort to keep access to businesses open while a lane may be closed for equipment and construction.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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As the long awaited Downtown Streetscape emerges on the east side of Camino del Mar, the City and construction workers are making sure customers can get to where they want to go. Banners and window posters tell us that all businesses and restaurants are open during construction; side streets are kept open; entrances and parking are identified, and in some cases cones are set up in the closed lane with enough space in between for angled parking in front of a business. Community liaison Rachel Beld emphasized that the contractor is making every effort to keep access to businesses open while a lane may be closed for equipment and construction. She explained this might mean taking a different route but the goal is to get customers to wherever they want to be, and that the yellow vested contract workers are prepared to answer questions about access.
During construction traffic is reduced to one lane from generally 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. while old mismatched sidewalks are being dug up to make way for a continuous exposed aggregate concrete sidewalk with “bulb-out” corners and accent paving to promote a pedestrian friendly environment. The street will feature striped bike lanes and enhanced crosswalks with pavers, all interspersed with new trees, plants and street furniture. Three 15-ft. Magnolia trees will replace the three older Eucalyptus trees in front of the Library that were determined to be unhealthy. And, despite the recent rain or any future bad weather, construction is scheduled to be finished in late June.

The current work, starting at the north end of the Del Mar Plaza running south to 9th street on the east side, is expected to continue through March. This month, February, construction will begin on the west side. Beld holds biweekly public meeting at Town Hall to update interested persons on construction progress and to answer questions. The next dates and times are February 4 and 19 and March 4 at 9 a.m. The City also maintains a Downtown Streetscape website where you can find new updates posted every Friday as well as a graphic of the final design at the Downtown Streetscape Project link. You can also click on a link to receive excellent weekly updates with photos by email.

The $6.76 million renovation work is being carried out by San Diego-based Trip-Group Construction and Development Inc. The cost is funded through voter-approved Measure Q funds (3.9 million), the existing Streetscape budget ($1.4 million) and $1.5 million in financing.

Bulb-out in front of the Del Mar Library.
Photo courtesy City of Del Mar.
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