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Sustain Yourself!
Go Green and Recycle
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Toss trash and learn to recycle. It’s tricky. China doesn’t want our recyclable plastics any more. While our Del Mar Waste Management has contracted with other countries who still do, they are picky and those sources will, probably, in time, decline. Go to “Go Green Del Mar," on Del Mar’s city website and find information on the Climate Action Plan adopted by the city in 2016. The Zero Waste section will help. Know that only food-free and liquid-free items can be recycled. The plastics sporting a triangle and number from 1-7 are recyclable. However, crazily, styrofoam with the identical identification cannot be. Do recycle empty clean cans, paper and cardboard. Take care to put each in the proper container. And, Del Mar’s Sustainability Advisory Board urges residents to waste less and use less plastic. Now, plastic bags and styrofoam are banned and the City is about to ban plastic straws and stirrers.
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