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Sunny Side Up
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Solar Panels on the roof of the new Civic Center.
Drone photo from Baker Electric.
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The new solar system installed on the roof of City Hall began operation at the end of last October, and performance data are now available for the first 2 ½ months of operation. Each panel’s energy output is monitored in real time and the hourly, daily, and monthly production recorded in kilowatt hours (KWh). Since startup, the system has produced (as of January 17th) 16,820 kWh of electricity for a savings of almost $3,700 in San Diego Gas & Electric generation and delivery charges. This does not include savings attributable to the battery storage system, where detailed monitoring has just begun. This solar generation has saved 11.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions and has the same effect as planting 656 trees (see Figure below). This output was achieved during the winter months when the days are short, the sun is low in the sky, and rain and clouds reduce solar generation. Just wait for long, sunny summer days when the meter will start spinning backwards.



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