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Big vote – November 2018
Dave Druker | 10th Street

Del Mar pretty much voted similar to both the state and San Diego County on all of the issues and candidates with the following major exceptions:

1) For Insurance Commission Steve Poizner lost in the State and County and won in Del Mar by 1.33% or 180 votes.

2) Prop 6 which would have eliminated the gas tax lost in Del Mar by 18.8% or 486 votes, won in San Diego County by 1.90% and lost in the state by 13.64%

3) Todd Gloria won in Del Mar by 19.62% and won in the county by 42.16%

4) In the contested Superior Court Office, Gary Kreep lost to Matt Brower by 42.88% in Del Mar and by 22.34% in the County
The biggest difference was voter turnout. Del Mar had a turnout of 83.47%, the County - 67.40% and the State - 65.54%.

Candidates and Issues :

1) 98.86% voted for Governor
2) 97.17% voted for US Congress
3) 94.93% voted on Prop 6 – Gas Tax Elimination
4) 89.53% voted on Measure R – The City of Del Mar Shoreline Protection Area
5) 87.22% voted on Measure T – The 941 Camino Del Mar Project
6) 73.07% voted on the contest Superior Court Judge (Kreep vs Brower)

49th Congressional District:

Del Mar Levin 64-42%
San Diego portion of the district Levin 60-40%
Orange County portion of the district Levin 47-53%
Total vote Levin 56-44%


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