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EDITORIAL: Agenda 2019 !!!!

Del Mar’s agendas are always full, fleshing out the ambitious visionary goals of our Community Plan. We spend a lot of energy every year working to find consensus to guide us forward. The year 2019 will see us continuing to work on unresolved issues and beginning to address new challenges.

• How to reconcile short term rental businesses with preservation of neighborhood character. This issue is bedeviling communities all over the west coast and beyond. In Del Mar it is confounded by our small size and the growing number of absentee owners, leaving us with a dwindling number of citizens involved in civic affairs. Our proposed compromise is currently under judicial review.

• How to prepare sensible plans for the impacts of sea level rise without undermining property values.

• How to reconcile density concerns, public access goals, protection of the Scripps Preserve, fragile bluff setbacks, and traffic flow in reviewing the Del Mar Resort plans for the 16 acre bluff property on our northwestern border.

• How to coordinate development of our new Shores Park property with the Winston School development plans.

• Finishing the streetscape improvements to promote downtown commercial development, taming auto traffic, promoting pedestrian access and safety, assuring safe bicycle routes.

• Reviewing design and construction plans for a new 101 bridge over the lagoon.

• Reviewing and adopting a two year budget plan that keeps revenue and expenditures in balance.

• Taking concrete steps to implement our adopted Climate Action Plan.

• Improving the cost/effectiveness strategies for public safety.

• Implementing the 5/22 plan for meeting our housing goals and requirement as set forth in the state-certified Housing Element of our Community Plan.

• Addressing the dilemmas of bluff failures, pedestrian access, and railroad tracks.

• Working with the Fair Board to address problems associated with events that create traffic and noise impacts, as well as controversial events such as gun shows.

This list mentions only a few of the many challenges we have as a city. Several of them involve other jurisdictions, but we have a proud history of not waiting for others to act—our city is unique precisely because we have proceeded with intentionality over the decades to make our Community Plan a reality. We have a representative form of government currently led by five exceptional members we have elected. We expect them to be decisive as well as inclusive. As citizens we need to stay involved, encouraging the Council with good ideas and constructive feedback. We have accomplished much in our decades as a city and we have much more to do.

Let’s get at it.



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