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Dave Druker Points Out RTP Weakness
Dave Druker | 10th Street


The problem with the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is quite simple, about 20% of all the people that work in downtown use public transit to get to work. The major area of employment in San Diego County is the Sorrento Valley/UTC area. The RTP should create a system (immediately) so that 20% of workers can get to Sorrento Valley/UTC via public transit.

SANDAG’s bureaucratic doublespeak hides a lack of leadership in this group. My position and Del Mar’s position has been to not build freeways but to build public transit. There is no solution for congestion, the government needs to provide alternatives so that people have a choice between getting in their car and getting in a carpool or taking public transit. The RTP fails at this by tieing transit to roads rather than providing alternatives.

Editors note: Dave Druker is a Sandpiper editor and a former mayor of Del Mar.

Lesa Heebner Pipes Up | Dave Druker Pipes Up


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