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Rescuing Rover
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Road


Just think of every time your adorable little pet looks up at you with those yearning, but loving eyes pleading with you to help, and you don’t really know how.

The North Coastal Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) together with Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center and Dexter’s Deli-Del Mar are sponsoring a free community event for pet owners by giving a thorough overview of how to be prepared for emergencies involving their dogs and cats. Participants will learn how to provide prompt, effective first aid and care to protect themselves and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during an emergency.
Instructor Max Wilson, an American Red Cross National Authorized Provider, has taught a wide range of emergency response and specialty marine safety courses since 1975. Max’s extensive, wide-ranging experience and real-world hands-on examples keep the material entertaining, practical and easy to understand.

Dog and Cat First Aid Class
Sunday, March 25, 2012 from 4-6 PM
The Del Mar Powerhouse
Car-pooling sugg
ested, parking is limited
No pets, please!



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