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EDITORIAL: Our Mission: Your Voice


The mission of the Sandpiper below is to advocate the Del Mar Community Plan, foster informed public and government decision-making regarding issues affecting the community of the City of Del Mar, and to encourage a social and political climate favorable to the protection of the community character of the City of Del Mar and its environs.

The Sandpiper mission guides our all-volunteer crew of editors and writers, but there is much more to say about the specifics of how we implement that mission. We want to share some of our core values and operating practices as we attempt every month to tune in to what is happening in and around Del Mar and what many people of Del Mar are thinking.

Community and Environment

  • We monitor changes that we see enhancing or detracting from the Community Plan.
  • We advocate for preservation of Del Mar’s small town scale.
  • We defend the rights of neighborhoods to protect their unique character.
  • We monitor changes outside our city that may affect the quality of our lives.
  • We advocate for careful management of our precious natural resources.

Public Involvement and Policy

  • We look for ways to encourage readers to access our governmental processes.
    We offer space for City Council candidates to present their qualifications.
  • We push elected and appointed decision makers to maximize involvement of citizens in their deliberations.
  • We challenge leaders when we think they are wrong and recognize them for their accomplishments. We spotlight the work and ideas of citizen committees, boards, and commissions.
  • We recognize long-time Del Mar employees who are protecting our town.
    We profile interesting citizens and business operators.

A True Del Mar Publication

  • We try to give Del Mar readers more depth by digging behind stories to reveal the “how come.”
  • We alert citizens to threats or concerns about the quality of our lives.
  • We solicit a variety of opinions on sensitive local issues.
  • We try to keep readers informed about all kinds of community activities including the arts, public schools, and activities sponsored by a variety of community organizations.
  • We celebrate successes and community service and encourage humor in our community.
  • We try to make our paper and our web site interesting and readable.

Our Mission: Your Voice

  • We are the caretakers of this paper, but as “the voice of Del Mar,” it belongs to you, our readers.
  • We welcome your feedback.



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