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March 2008: in our first web page ever we covered Trestles and the Coastal Commission, Obama and McCain in Del Mar, the Lagoon, the Infamous Stringdusters, and Jerry Finnell.  View the Sandpiper's first web page here.

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A Tough Row to Plow
Bud Emerson

Fair Board Faces the Music  Dwight Worden

EDITORIAL: Our Mission: Your Voice

We Make House Calls
Nancy Fisher

Ask Dr. Rich

Fires-R-Us  Piper Underwood

Leashing Shores Park  Anthony Corso

This I Believe  Virginia Lawrence

Train Tall Tales  Dave Druker

Rescuing Rover  Carol Kerridge

New Life Downtown Kathy Garcia

See How to Stay In-Home  Pat JaCoby

Grass Roots Heroes 
Bud Emerson

Radioactive Radius  Nancy Fisher

Kilroy’s Elephant  Bob Fuchs

Heebner Explains Vote  Ann Gardner

Del Mar is AAA  Scott Huth

Sidewalk Sanity  Dave Druker

City Bets on Vets  Art Olson

Gone Digging  Ann Gardner


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Grass Roots Heroes
Bud Emerson

Jacqueline Winterer, citizen, scientist, leader, hero, warrior, role model. The County of San Diego gave her an award for outstanding leadership regarding her many years of effort battling the Fair Board on behalf of the environment. Declaring February 21 “Jacqueline Winterer Day” throughout the county, Supervisor Pam Slater-Price presented the plaque before a cheering, packed-house City Council meeting.
Accepting the award, she lauded all of the other citizens who have labored so long in this cause, Dawn Rawls, Jan McMillan, Bill Michalsky, Freda Reid, Ann Gardner, Nancy Weare, Stu Smith, John Graybill, and many more, all of whom could say “I am Jacqueline Winterer.”


Train Tall Tales
Dave Druker

Recently Council Members Hilliard and Filanc initiated a request to the North County Transit Board (NCTD) to get approval for a seasonal train stop at the old Del Mar train station. As many had predicted, NCTD denied the request. Referring to the old station, which closed in October of 1995, Hilliard said “When the station closed our sales tax revenue plummeted."

The facts, though, are quite different.


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posted 03/18/12

Wind & surf
Huge wind and surf at the entrance to the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon
after Saturday's storm.  Photo Virginia Lawrence
Save the Date
posted 03/04/12

Green Day Hike

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy invites the Community to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Family and Friends at “GREEN DAY!  A Nature Centered St. Patrick’s Day Hike.”  details>>

posted 03/02/12
Parking Workshop

The Critical issue of parking will be on Council agenda Monday night 3/5. See excerpt from workshop agenda.  details>>

posted 03/03/12
Pension Reports
  • City Hall Press Release: the corrected Pension Report from the San Diego County Taxpayers Associationhere>>
  • Comparison of the Region’s Upcoming Pension Costs   here>>
Piper Underwood

March Print Issue

... as the smoke dissipated the culprit was unveiled. My boys’ new remote control cars were charging on the floor. The cars run on lithium batteries that apparently get very hot when charging. Unbeknownst to me, if these batteries are charged too long, they can actually explode!   more>>

The 2050 Regional Transportation Plan
March Print Issue
Heebner Explains
her Yes Vote

  Druker Points out Weakness in RTP
We Make House Calls
Nancy Fisher

March Print Issue

On a list of “thankless” jobs, it’s easy to imagine being first responder to a sewer overflow among them, but that’s not how Dan Peters sees it. The 18-year veteran of Del Mar’s Public Works Department is regarded by residents as someone who responds to situations, no matter how challenging, with his sense of humor intact. “How can you feel any other way,” he explains, “when you get to do your job in shorts right by the river?  more>>

Ask Dr. Rich! 
Rich Simons | 11th Street

March Print Issue

Q: Super Bowl again and the Chargers were not in the finals. If you could rename our football team, what would you name it? – b.n.

Q: I just hate taking down the garbage to the curb each week. If you could free yourself from one burden in your life, what would it be? – s.p.

Q: I wonder why Del Mar’s city limits are so weird. Wouldn’t it make sense to add the Hills, Heights and Terrace to our city boundaries? – e.b.



This I Believe
Virginia Lawrence

March Print Issue
... Nevertheless, I still wanted my house back. That is, I wanted it back until about 2 summers ago. .... Suddenly, I realized that I would never want to live there again. The dream died hard! ...


This article is the 5th in a series presented by the Sandpiper editors.  Previous pieces: Sam Borgese, October 2011; Art Olson, November 2011; Sherryl Parks, December 2011; and Ann Gardner, February 2012.
DOWNTOWN Perspectives

March Print Issue
  • New Life Downtown
    Kathy Garcia | City of Del Mar, Planning and Community Development Director   more>>
  • Del Mar is AAA
    Scott Huth | Del Mar City Manager   more>>
  • Sidewalk Sanity
    Dave Druker    more>>
Reaching out

March Print Issue

See How to Stay In-Home
Pat JaCoby

Del Mar’s In-Home Connections program (IHC), which is marking its first full year of operation, has released a new video showcasing the services and activities available to Del Mar seniors.


City Bets on Vets
Art Olson

... She [Shirley King} reasoned that the City’s municipal services could offer these veterans a multitude of profession-building work skills and would have strong alignment with the wartime employment of our veterans where their skills are constantly inter-woven with restoring public welfare services and building community relations.   


Gone Digging
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

March Print Issue

“Your megalodon tooth is beautiful,” ** a forty-something-year-old surfer comments. “I found one diving, but it was cracked so that doesn’t count.” He shows me how the beautiful 4 1/2-inch wide tooth had perfectly serrated teeth and a scalloped edge on both sides. “This is one of the best fossil shops in San Diego County. You don’t find many places like this,” he exclaims.  more>>

Save the Date

March Print Issue

Talking Dirt
The Del Mar Garden Club invites you to an lecture on composting at the Powerhouse Community Center on Monday, March 26th at 10am. Carol Graham, Master Gardener, will present, “Great for your Garden; Good for your Community.”

Following the lecture, cuttings and potted plants from the DM’s private gardens will be for sale at terrific prices. The proceeds will be used for DM Garden Club beautification projects throughout our community. For more information contact:, (858) 755 7788 or, (858) 259 9549

Save the Date

March Print Issue

Spring Tea & Fashion Show Save the Date!
Tues, April 10 – 2 to 4 pm – Join us for an afternoon of socializing and celebrating the latest spring & summer fashions from Chico’s. Show off your hand-decorated spring bonnet to win a prize! Lori Ritman will play piano favorites. Sponsored in part by St. Peter’s Church. Reservations required. 858-792-7565 or email

I remember when

March Print Issue

Since 1982, the Del Mar Foundation has worked to bring the Del Mar community together through a wide range of events, programs, and grants. If you have fond memories from these past 30 years of the Foundation’s history, we would love to hear from you. If your organization has been one of the many grant recipients of the Del Mar Foundation, we would love to hear how we made a difference.    details>>

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readers' comments

02/01 ... In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School.  Katherine White more>>

01/14 ... Reading the Sandpiper editorial (here) you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true. ... Carl Hilliard   more>>

12/23 ... To borrow words from The Economist editorial writers, the idea is "barking mad" from their standpoint. ... Bob Ringland more>>

10/29 ... The park was “barefoot friendly.” Babies played on the grass, toddlers and adults ran playfully and barefoot on the grass. ... Rich Ehrenfeld  more>>

10/29 ... The Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee members are very happy to announce that they have raised $173,000 in written pledges toward their goal of $378,000, ...  Hershell Price more>>

08/23 ... At first, I thought it was a neighbor throwing a raging party ... Piper Underwood  more>>

08/23 ...  On the hill where views are good and the neighborhood tranquil, we have been – almost literally – stunned by the noise levels of the amplified entertainment at the Fairgrounds this year... Roger Reynolds   more>>

07/12 ...  I certainly agree with Sam Borgese’s comments that now is the time to move on to implementation, not more studies.  Hershell Price  more>>

07/06 ...  KUDOS!  Congratulations on yet another great edition of the Sandpiper. You consistently put out a quality journal, with well-written, accurate and timely articles.  Adam Birnbaum  more>>

07/01 ...  We should not rush into building a new city hall while in the next few years the post office building will be available, a perfect location.  Marcel Van Boxtel   more>>

07/01 ... [My neighbor], like some others, feels that with the arrival of summer they are confronted with the clamor, din, and roar of what seems to be “unending noise.”   Anthony Corso  more>>

05/09 ...   The following comments are not about Pot.  They're about the reckless use of computer technology in the name of creativity.   David Arnold  more>>

04/28 ...  I am requesting the “Sandpiper” alter the letter I sent to you [ on April 8, 2011 ] for publication.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

04/09 ... My intent in the upcoming city council meeting is not to detract from the sense of place or pedestrian flow.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>


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