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Complete text of the signed FINAL version of Commission Consent Orders here>>

22nd DAA Agendas and

Check the 22nd DAA's website for agendas and board packets for upcoming meetings.  here 

22nd DAA 2011 and 2010 ticket disclosures and policy  here

CDFA Management Reports

The Audit Office of the California Department of Food & Agriculture regularly reviews the 22nd DAA's performance in key compliance areas, including personnel and purchasing procedures, expenditures, contracts, and courtesy pass policies and procedures. Each review results in a Management Report, including reportable conditions (areas of non-compliance with State laws or regulations or areas of significant weakness). 

The CDFA Management Report for 2008-2009   released on Friday, November 4, 2011, and posted on the DAA website  here

2007 To read the full report by the CDFA Audit Office covering the year ending 2007, including the 22nd DAA's formal response, go here.

2006  The CDFA Management Report  here

2005  The CDFA Management Report  here

2004  The CDFA Management Report  here

2003  The CDFA Management Report  here

2002  The CDFA Management Report  here

2000  The CDFA Management Report  here

1999  The CDFA

Management Report  here

1996  The CDFA Management Report  here

1995  The CDFA Management Report  here

1994  The CDFA Management Report  here

Articles and Links:

October 26, 2012

Fair Board Futures

New Fair Face  Bud Emerson


Partnership Potential  Bud Emerson

October 7, 2012

New appointments by the governor

September 11, 2012 

The Governor has not appointed new members to fill the four Board vacancies. It has been a challenge to achieve a quorum for meetings. ... 

March 11, 2012 

Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley report of the Coastal Commission meeting on March 8, 2012.

February 14, 2012

The Sandpiper received this resignation statement from Tom Chino today (2/14). Sandpiper commentary to follow shortly..

December 6, 2011

Fairgrounds CEO cashed out vacation.  The payments, which he approved, amounted to $33,000. | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

December 4, 2011

Cashouts: 22nd DAA employee leave credits cashed out | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

November 9, 2011

Public Fairground or private fiefdom? It's the old Del Mar question. | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

November 10, 2011

Del Mar Fairgrounds defying State | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE EDITORIAL

In February 2009, state officials in Sacramento were startled to learn that the Del Mar Fairgrounds had refused to implement Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s direct order that all state employees stay home two days a month to save money during an acute budget crisis.


November 1, 2011
FPPC investigating 4 fair board members | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE NEWS

del mar — The state Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating whether 352 county fair and concert tickets given to Del Mar Fairgrounds board members this past summer had a legitimate public purpose.

Lacking such a purpose, the tickets have to be reported as taxable income or gifts to the officials.  more>>

November 2011 
Pushing Poison Pill | Jacqueline Winterer

... Why should the 22nd DAA be compensated for the loss of use of the SOL after 20 years of using and abusing the SOL wetlands and resisting correcting measures?  more>>


October 5, 2011

CA Coastal Commission meeting, 10/5/2011, Huntington Beach City Hall - BILL MICHALSKY, CHAIR, CITY OF DEL MAR’S SAN DIEGUITO LAGOON PRESERVATION COMMITTEE. 

report: here
power point presentation: here


October 13, 2011
Fair Board Confronts Serious Audit and Management Reports:State Auditors document $244,000 in Alleged Improper 22nd DAA Payouts as additional audit Surfaces | A Sandpiper Exclusive by Bud Emerson & Sherryl L. Parks

At its November meeting the Fair Board will confront a new audit report, along with reports for prior years, characterized by new Board member Tom Chino, in a written statement distributed to the Board at its October 11 meeting, as "caus[ing] me great concern over allegations that the district has not complied with governing laws and regulations ... and that large amounts of money are at issue."  more>>

October 19, 2011
Ride at the fairgrounds will be bumpy | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE EDITORIAL

The 22nd District Agricultural Association, the state agency that manages the Del Mar Fairgrounds, is squirming under the harsh spotlight of a political sea change.  more>>

October 2011

... We also will renew our efforts to persuade the Fair Board to consider Del Mar and Solana Beach as collaborative partners, rather than disregarded neighbors, as we work toward what should be shared goals.  more>>

October 2011
A Fairer Board? | Bud Emerson

... All three lawyers stated they had no “marching orders” to repair relationships with local jurisdictions but are expected “to come up with solutions...which should have a positive effect on relationships.”  more>>

October 2011
More Dates for Fair? | Jim Benedict

At the September 22nd Ag District board meeting, fair staff presented the idea of expanding the fair dates by 2-3 days in 2012 to help alleviate the traffic problems.  more>>

July 2011
Three Down, Six to Go | Bud Emerson

... Barry Nussbaum, Vivian Hardage, and Kelly Burt were told their terms had expired and their services were no longer needed on the nine member board as of June 9.  more>>

July 2011
Fair Illegals | Ann Gardner

In a surprise move, the California Coastal Commission turned the 22nd District Agricultural Association (the District) on its ear June 15 when the Commission postponed any decisions on a new Coastal Development Permit at the Fairgrounds until the two staffs could get together and discuss outstanding violations against the 1976 Coastal Act, including the District’s illegal use of the East Overflow Lot (EOL) for unpermitted events and parking. The Coastal Act requires Commission approval for any development at the Fairgrounds site in order to “… protect the ecological balance of the coastal zone.”  more>>

June 2011
Brown Removes Three Del Mar Fair Directors | SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE NEWS

... The announcement came just as the San Diego County Fair began its three-week run Friday and in the midst of the ongoing debate over selling the state-owned land to the city of Del Mar.  more>>

June 2011
Sales Cycles | Dave Druker

Del Mar’s revenue is defined by three major sources – property tax, sales tax and hotel transit occupancy tax(TOT). ... Approximately 38% of the sales tax is generated from the fairgrounds.  more>>

May 2011
EIRy Decision: The Fairboard drops the proposed condo-hotel and adopts a master plan | Dwight Worden

... The fair board released the proposed final environmental impact report on this massive project a short five business days before their proposed adoption of the Master Plan, and, the board released hundreds of pages of proposed findings, a statement of overriding considerations, a staff report, and proposed final mitigation monitoring and reporting program the Friday before the scheduled Monday vote.  Not surprisingly, virtually everyone objected to the release of these thousands of pages of important documents without time for them to be reviewed and commented upon.  more>>

May 2011
Fairbucks | Bud Emerson

... The Sandpiper asked the Mayor and City Manager to answer the most frequently asked questions about their financial projections even though the specific terms of the proposed deal have yet to be finalized.  more>>

April 2011
Assemblyman Garrick's Fairground Survey Discredited by Expert | Bud Emerson

... An analysis of Garrick’s poll by a renowned expert in survey research, Dr C. Richard Hofstetter, concluded that “professional probability sampling procedures” were not followed. He states that Garrick used a “convenience sample...persons who are intensely involved are more likely to respond.”  more>>

April 2011
Dr. Hofstetter’s Analysis Discredits Garrick Survey | C. Richard Hofstetter

Members of Congress frequently and legislators less frequently circulate survey “instruments” to their constituents worded in such a way as to create apparent support from groups of their constituents. While I cannot read Assemblyman Garrick’s mind, the survey that he reported in his February 2, 2011, newsletter appears to have been designed to have that impact based on the information contained in the report that was included in his newsletter.  more>>

April 2001
Replacements, Step Up!| Bud Emerson

... Until now, these appointments have been made to reward political contributors without regard to qualifications. There is a belief that Governor Brown may be receptive to appointing more qualified members with backgrounds in civic involvement, business operation, financial management, municipal management, and environmental protection.  more>>

April 2011
Fairgrounds Workshop Work | Bud Emerson & Sam Borgese

The Del Mar City Council held a public workshop on March 9 “to receive input from the public on the proposed fairgrounds purchase and the Public Benefit Trust Governance Model.”  more>>

April 2011
700 Violations? | Dave Druker

... For the 22nd Agricultural District, each board member is required to disclose any income, gifts and benefits, that come from any part of San Diego County. On the Form 700’s for 2009 Michael Alpert, Ruben Barrales, Adam Day, Ann Davies, Kim Fletcher and Vivian Hardage each declared income from business and investments within San Diego County. Barry Nussbaum, Russ Penniman and Kelly Burt declared no income. None of the board members declared any gifts.   more>>

April 2011
Golf Off Course: Fairgrounds dissumulation: Pretense, Hypocrisy, and Concealment | Dawn Rawls & Jacqueline Winterer

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) recently notified the public of a hearing for additional golf and swimming facilities at the Fairgrounds near the miniature golf course. The time between notification and the hearing was so short that many local agencies, including the City of Del Mar, sought postponement.  more>>

March 2011

Governor Brown has signalled that he is not yet ready to sign off on Del Mar’s plan to purchase the fairgrounds and guarantee regional control. He has also signalled that he generally favors local control. So, where does that leave Del Mar?  more>>

March 2011
Trust the Fairgrounds | Sam Borgese

The Del Mar City Council found itself in a quandary at its February 7 meeting. Should it proceed “in principle” with a new governance model for operating the fairgrounds or should it first set up a process for citizen involvement? Their painful dilemma was how to reconcile the need for secrecy and speed to satisfy regional and state political pressure and local pressure to use the “Del Mar Way” of citizen participation.   more>>

March 2011
Does “No" mean "No”? | Jeff Weitzen

As reported this week, Governor Brown announced “this is not the best time to be selling real estate” and there is “time to consider what we ought to do with” the Del Mar and Orange County Fairgrounds. Failure to gain regional control of the Del Mar Fairgrounds is not an outcome we should accept. We have at least two options to consider.   more>>

March 2011
EIR Showdown | Ann Gardner

Fair Board Chair Barry Nussbaum is postponing board discussion and approval of the Fairgrounds Master Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) until, ideally, all board members can be present. “I would like everyone here for this meeting; please be flexible with your schedules,” he told board members at their February meeting.   more>>

February 2011
Fair Market Value | Sam Borgese & Bud Emerson

... There are several variables that make the picture cloudy. Much of the fog comes from the antics of the Fair Board members who are frantically protecting their VIP perks and privileges with scurrilous assaults and deliberate misrepresentations. Then there is the tortuous processes of state decision making involving the Governor’s office and the Legislature. The final variable is the understandable need the City Council has for confidential negotiating room when they operate in a public fish bowl.  more>>

February 2011

... At the shrill end the 22nd District Agricultural Association (DAA) Board members are pulling out all the stops to derail Del Mar’s purchase. Some of that shrill sound is troubling given the conflict of fiduciary interest openly displayed by the DAA.

On the low end is the Del Mar City Council who continues a sparse communication on the facts of the purchase to the community at large. This is certainly not the time for the City Council to be coy.  more>>

December 2010
Faironomics | Wayne Dernetz

... Del Mar’s financing plan relies on three elements: first, a purchase money contribution of $55 million from a horse breeders’ group for prepaid rents on the race track; second, a City revenue bond issue, amount not yet specified,for additional purchase money; third, any remainder as a promissory note from Del Mar to the State, terms of which are not yet agreed or disclosed.  more>>

December 2010
Fair Gov | Dwight Worden

... We have yet to have a public airing of the specifics of how the city of Del Mar proposes to finance the acquisition and how it proposes to manage the property if control is obtained. There are open issues regarding how the city of Solana Beach might participate, and with regard to how regional participation by other entities might be accommodated. And, we do not know for sure what type of governance structure would be set up to oversee and operate the fairgrounds, nor do we know the details of how the horse racing community would participate.  more>>

December 2010
Walk the Line | Jacqueline Winterer

... The agreement further states that by January 1, 2021 the 22d DAA must remove any remaining recycling facility west of Durante Blvd and cease to use the area for parking. After January 1, 2021 the SLC reserves the right to construct or facilitate the construction of a public access trail.  ... And thus a major piece of State Land was lost.   more>>

November 2010
Platform derailed? | Dan Nore & Nancy Fisher

... The platform is planned for the residential neighborhood north of the tennis courts between 2lst and 24th streets, more than a half mile to the entrance of the fair. Attendees included Del Mar Council members Carl Hilliard and Marc Filanc and NCTD Executive Director Matt Tucker and Chief Engineer Justin Fornelli, and approximately 60 Del Mar residents.   more>>

November 2010
Opportunity Knocks | SANDPIPER EDITORIAL

... Not the least of these hurdles is overcoming the vociferous objections by the current Fairboard Directors who see a plum political appointment quickly evaporating and will marshal their formidable political forces to thwart an obvious win-win for the state and the region.   more>>

November 2010
Fair Facts | Wayne Dernetz

... We learned that State Sen. Christine Kehoe amended a pending bill in the Legislature, AB 181, to authorize the sale of the Fairgrounds by the State of California to the City, subject to certain conditions. Those conditions reflect a preliminary agreement between negotiators for the City and the Governor’s Office that would significantly change the governance structure of the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  more>>



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