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Cecilia Rouse:
Home Town Pride

Penny Abell | Serpentine Drive

President-elect Biden’s announcement that Cecilia Rouse will be nominated as Chair 0f the Council of Economic Advisors in the new administration sent currents of excitement, pride, and nostalgia among many of us in Del Mar. Ceci’s family was deeply embedded in the community for many years.

Torrey Pines High School Graduate Cecilia Rouse nominated as Chair 0f the Council of Economic Advisors in the Biden administration.

Her father, Carl Rouse, was the first African-American to earn a PhD in physics from Caltech. He worked for many years on various projects for General Atomics while devoting his nights to his first love, solar physics. Her mother, Lorraine Rouse, worked as a school psychologist, held at least three Master’s degrees and was engaged in numerous community building activities. These included sitting on the Design Review and Friends of the River Valley boards, getting DMCC’s social service programs started and co-founding the Del Mar Farmers Market.

The Rouse children Forrest, Carolyn and Cecilia grew up with their friends in Del Mar schools and graduated from Torrey Pines High School. Forrest, with his physics PhD went into industry, while the girls chose the academic life, Carolyn earning a Ph.D in Anthropology and Ceci a Ph.D in Economics. Eventually they became the first sisters tenured at Princeton University. It was painful for their many friends in Del Mar when the elder Rouses decided to relocate to Princeton to be close to their daughters and their families.

Carolyn and Cecilia have built distinguished academic careers. Carolyn is Chair of the Anthropology Department at Princeton and Cecilia is Dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Policy. In an earlier Princeton interview both talked about getting inspiration from their parents for researching difficult issues.

We’re just cheap knockoffs…” one said. We disagree and congratulate Cecilia and the whole family on her nomination and look forward to her putting her extensive research on labor economics with a focus on the economics of education, to work in her new position. From the White House website:

“The Council of Economic Advisers, an agency within the Executive Office of the President, is charged with offering the President objective economic advice on the formulation of both domestic and international economic policy. The Council bases its recommendation and analysis on economic research and empirical evidence, using the best data available to support the President in setting our nation’s economic policy.”


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