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Let’s Eat!
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street


Time to step out—with your mask on—into a few new restaurants in Del Mar—all equipped to calm your CV19 concerns and make you feel comfortable. The happy choices include two opening mid-September at the Plaza and one open and ready for business on Camino Del Mar.

At the Plaza: Monarch Ocean Pub takes the top spot. The food: American fare. The casual pub’s seating, complete with sofas, is in the spacious open indoor/outdoor dining room and flows onto the open deck. On the street level, it is Tamarindo for tacos and margaritas and Mexican specialties.

Now open: Del Mar Mediterranean Grill (operated by Alborz, Inc) at 1328 Camino Del Mar offers outdoor sidewalk and indoor seating with a menu featuring, yes, Mediterranean food.



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