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Amanda Lee | Principal Planner, City of Del Mar

City’s Proposed Approach to Accommodate Affordable Housing Units

The State requires the City to update its Housing Element by April 2021. This document is part of the Del Mar Community Plan and will identify actions to accommodate 175 total units including 113 affordable units for lower income households over the next 8 years (2021-2029). The City’s existing zones do not have capacity to meet this State mandate. The Plan to achieve 113 affordable units by year 2029 involves four main components:

Create Housing Opportunities along the Main Commercial Corridor (20-26 affordable units)  The City’s role will be to amend existing commercial zones (Central Commercial, North Commercial, and Professional Commercial) to allow residential up to 20 dwelling units per acre if an affordable housing component is included. The NC and PC amendments (already in process per the existing Housing Element to facilitate 22 affordable units) are a key strategy and must be completed to avoid State penalties.

Incorporate Accessory Dwelling Units throughout the City (8 affordable units)
The Plan will facilitate ADUs which include “tiny homes” throughout the City. The City has one deed restricted affordable ADU that is approved for construction; and hopes to gain at least seven more affordable units out of the 77 total ADUs anticipated.

Utilize City-Owned Land and Public Facilities to Provide Affordable Units (14-28 affordable units)

• 4-8 small units on the City Hall expansion lot (6,500 sf) on 10th Street

• 2-4 small units on a vacant lot (2,500 sf) on 28th Street

• 4-8 small units at 201 Court Street (involves conversion of one tennis court)

• 4-8 small units on 9th Street on lots with Del Mar Community Connections and Foundation offices

• City needs water tanks for fire service; would need further study prior to selection for housing.

Partner with State to Build Affordable Units on State Fairgrounds; otherwise Rezone Vacant Parcels (at least 51 affordable units). The City is hoping to meet a significant portion of its housing on State Fairgrounds property, but without an agreement in place the City cannot count units at the Fairgrounds towards its RHNA obligation. To gain certification of the Housing Element, the City must include a back-up plan to rezone vacant land on the North Bluff (6 parcels on 12.39 acres) and/or South Stratford (3 parcels on 4.94 acres) to accommodate at least 51 affordable units.



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