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Walking Path Link

Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Map of the Scenic Loop from the 1976 Community Plan.

The “key remaining link” in an extraordinary Scenic Loop envisioned originally in Del Mar’s 1986 Community Plan is back on the books thanks to a $50,000 donation from the Del Mar Foundation. The link will begin at the eastern end of River Path Del Mar, at the Grand Avenue Overlook, continue along San Dieguito Drive and join the Crest Canyon Trail through the Extension to Torrey Pines Beach and looping back along the western edge of Del Mar. The original description reads:

“Develop a continuous pedestrian loop trail which extends around the perimeter of the City while connecting and passing through areas of natural and scenic value without unnecessarily imposing on residential privacy.”

The Foundation gift, part of a total $180,000 donation to help the City during COVID19-related budget cuts, will help the City pay for the design and environmental review of a “board walk” along the River, this year, and the permitting process in 2021. The timing coincides with the planned restoration of the Crest Canyon trails now closed during the Emergency Storm Drain Project. Actual construction of the “link” is expected to cost 1.2 million dollars to be raised by the San Dieguito River Park Conservancy.




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