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City Council Candidate Glenn Warren


I am running for City Council because I love Del Mar and believe I can be an effective Councilperson in these difficult times.

My wife, Randee, and I first moved to Del Mar in 1983. We were drawn by the natural beauty, the village atmosphere, and the sense of community identity. Our son, Scott, was born here.
After a career as a criminal defense attorney, I joined the U.S. Foreign Service as a diplomat in 1996. For the next 16 years, my family and I lived in developing countries in Latin America and Africa, and I spent a year in Afghanistan. My diplomatic work focused on developing and supporting democratic institutions and on encouraging free and fair elections in our host nations. I volunteered as chair of international school boards in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and as vice-chair in Ecuador.

I retired in 2012, and Randee and I returned to Del Mar. We have been involved in a number of volunteer activities. I am currently a member of the Design Review Board.

One of the most important goals for Del Mar is to maintain local control so that we can ensure Del Mar is able to carry out the overall goal of the Community Plan: “Preserve and enhance the special character of Del Mar, the elements of which are a village-like community of substantially single family residential character, a picturesque an rugged site, and a beautiful beach.” I support efforts to revitalize downtown and protect our neighborhoods from short-term rental businesses.

I believe my professional experience is well-suited to help our sometimes divided community, which basically has common goals, move forward. I promise to listen to others, to seek common ground, and, above all, treat everyone with respect.
To learn more about me and my positions, please visit: www.glennwarren2020.com


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