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City Council Candidate Dan Quirk

For several years, I’ve been devoted to improving Del Mar. My goal in running for City Council is to continue and expand those efforts.

Through my work on the Del Mar Finance Committee, I helped to create and lead the successful 2016 Measure Q campaign, a voter approved initiative to fund key infrastructure projects, including the completed downtown streetscaping project, the Shores Park redevelopment, and the undergrounding of all the utility lines in the City. Unfortunately, these projects have been suspended. Let’s get them restarted.

In my volunteer work with the homeless at Fr. Joe’s, I’ve gained some understanding about the complex problems surrounding homelessness. However, there is now a proposal out there to build 1,500 modular units for the homeless at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, enabling transfers from downtown San Diego and other cities. This concept is flawed for many reasons and would create serious safety and health issues for our community.

We need to protect open space and preserve quality of life. To achieve progress on our state-mandated requirements for affordable housing units, we should pursue projects at the fairgrounds with smaller impacts.

Regarding the crumbling bluffs and our fragile coastline, I’ll work hard to make sure we come up with smart policies to address the train tracks and how to best remove them.

We need to pursue policies that support downtown’s vibrancy, including the elimination of excessive red tape.

Finally, I think there’s a good opportunity to improve how we listen to residents and how we make decisions by using inexpensive surveys and data analytics. Better processes will lead to better outcomes.

If elected, I’ll work hard to listen to residents to make Del Mar the best community it can be.


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