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Time to Trim
As wildfires torch our northern California towns, keep ours safe. Cut off and get rid of any and all dry and dead foliage as well as extra wood and flammable debris and stuff accumulated over the past summer season. Out and away. To be ready for an unpredictable emergency, update essentials at home and in your to-go bag and review your evacuation plan.

Dagmar’s DMFTalk
The DMFTalk on Zoom live featured Meteorologist Dagmar Midcap, the weather presenter for NBC7, who spoke on climate change: Climate Consequences. Dagmar presented our likely weather patterns for the next few years and into the future. The Vancouver, British Columbia native attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Broadcast Journalism program. Dagmar worked at various television stations, once as a traffic reporter and test drove cars and motorcycles as part of her job before settling in Del Mar where she is at home with her brood of dogs, chickens, bunnies and other animal friends.

Working on the Railroad
In the midst of approving the latest emergency work to temporarily stabilize our crumbling Del Mar bluffs to keep the trains on tracks, the Coastal Committee said the trains need to be rerouted off of the cliffs. However, this effort will take a couple of decades to plan. First, though, major funding in the billions of dollars for the project must be secured. No funds are currently available.


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