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Ashley Simpkins. Program Director

Library Deliveries
In addition to delivery of groceries, cleaning supplies, and facemasks, we’re proud to announce that DMCC now offers delivery of items you’re checking out from the library.

The Del Mar branch of the San Diego County library is now accepting new loan reservations for door side pickup. If you make a library reservation and you are enrolled in DMCC pandemic deliveries, just designate DMCC as picking up your items, then tell us that you made that reservation, and we will deliver your items to your door. Please note that we cannot accept items for return to the library, as they are not currently accepting returns.
All 65+ residents of 92014 qualify to receive DMCC pandemic delivery services. To request these services, please visit dmcc.cc/COVID-19 or call (858) 792-7565.

DMCC On-Demand
Missed a DMCC program? Ran through your entire Netflix queue? Visit our website to find on-demand videos of recent and past programs, which we work hard to make engaging and informative. When you visit, you’ll find videos of such recent programs as: the COVID-19 Q&A with infectious disease experts Frank Chisari and Don Mosier, the scam prevention program with the educator from the sheriff’s department, or the Meet Libby program in which Library Manager Polly Cipparrone teaches us how to check out e-books from the library. We’ve also added past Sunday Salon presentations – Sandra and Bram Dijkstra take us on a tour of their incredible art collection and share personal stories about it, and Nate McCay talks about coin collecting and his longtime interest in the Ship of Gold.
We’re constantly adding new content! To find these videos and more, visit dmcc.cc/programresources.

Volunteer of the Month
DMCC’s Volunteer of the Month for July 2020 is Dianne Reppucci-Bierman, volunteer driver, because her willingness to help out in a pinch is invaluable.
DMCC programs and services depend on our incredible volunteers! To learn more about Dianne or becoming a DMCC volunteer driver, visit dmcc.cc/volunteerofthemonth.

Please visit our website at dmcc.cc, or contact the DMCC office at (858) 792-7565 or dmcc@dmcc.cc.


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