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DMF: JULY 2020

In April, our long-time Board member and Communications Chair, Bill Morris ended his second term with the Del Mar Foundation. Looking back on his service, Bill recollected:

“Six years of eleven board meetings a year means sixty-six times I sat around a table with some of the most prolific volunteers in Del Mar. I’ve also scanned about seventy-two financial reports from some of the best treasurers I’ve ever encountered. Our amazing Grants Committee averages about a half dozen significant grants a year, so there are numerous items I can look at with pride as I walk through town. As far as events go, I’ve attended DMF Talks, so I am much better versed on a myriad of topics. I have been to numerous Twilight Concerts, so my rock and roll photographer yearnings have been well served as I’ve seen Powerhouse Park go from zero to thousands and back to zero occupants on numerous Tuesday evenings. Sixty or so different First Thursdays events have enhanced my cultural awareness of local artists during its 10-month season. I’ve seen several thousand Easter eggs snatched up by happy children and watched, amazed, as the Del Mar Fire department lit bonfires on the beach in Del Mar! I’ve laughed my camera off at Halloween Dog parades and realized that Beach Cleanup events mark Earth Day better than a wall calendar. The Picnic at Powerhouse Park, which has grown exponentially, was started during my service. Through it all, I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos, most of which are up on the web for public viewing at photos.delmarfoundation.org. The best news, from my perspective, is that while board service has a beginning and an end, volunteering is more like a ring, in that it goes on forever.”

Bill can attest to the benefits of volunteering! Whether you have hundreds of hours to volunteer, as Bill has done, or just a few hours, you can have a positive impact on our community. Helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference. And you benefit from deeper connection to the community, and a constructive way to reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-confidence and happiness, and provide a sense of purpose! The Del Mar Foundation is proud to be an active, hands-on organization powered by inspired volunteers and generous donors from a broad cross-section of the community. We’d love to have you participate! Please contact volunteer@delmarfoundation.org for more information.


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