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Traveling Tomatoes
Linda Chisari | Crest Road

Waiting on the windowsill. Photo Linda Chisari.

As I make the season’s first batch of fresh tomato sauce, I realize that tomatoes, like people, have been enriched by relocating and mingling.......
Many varieties of tomatoes blend in my sauce
Offering a complexity of flavors, sizes, and colors
Some from warm climates, some birthed in chillier places
Some native to south of our border,
Others from lands even further away, across the seas.
Long ago tomatoes originated in Mexico,
Later, their seeds were carried to Italy
By adventuresome souls seeking other places to thrive.
Varied in many ways, tastier together than standing alone
Italian recipes, Mexican recipes, Spanish recipes
Marinara, Salsa fresca, Pan con tomate, Shakshuka….
How dull and repetitious the tomato repertoire would be
If tomatoes all had stayed home and never been taken
To other places where they were encouraged to flourish in new ways!



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