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No Easy NUKE Solution:
Task Force Report Released

Don Mosier, Task Force Member | Rimini Road

The long-awaited report from Rep. Mike Levin’s Task Force on spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) was released on June 24th at a virtual press conference hosted by Rep. Levin and the Task Force co-chairs, former Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chair Greg Jaczko and retired Rear Admiral Len Hering. The report is available in two formats, a 44-page paper document outlining policy recommendations, and an online report that includes a much longer technical analysis as well as dissenting comments from some Task Force members. The document is too long and detailed to report here, but here is an overview of the primary policy areas covered and recommendations for action for dealing with spent nuclear fuel at SONGS and other nuclear power plants as they undergo decommissioning:

Policy Recommendations

• Federal Legislation and Regulatory Oversight
• State Legislation and Regulatory Oversight
• Best Practices
• Storing and Aging Management
• Safety and Handling

Recommended Actions

• Spent Fuel Prioritization Act (HR 2995; would establish SONGS as highest priority for removal of spent nuclear fuel based on highest risk assessment)
• State Environmental Review (Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission, Regional Water Quality Board)
• Nuclear Waste Administration (new federal body)
• Spent Nuclear Fuel Canister Life (research to raise useful life from 20 years to 100 years)
• Resident NRC Inspector (during canister loading operations)
• Innovation
• Collaboration on Best Practices (Military operations are much safer than nuclear industry)
• Congressional Spent Nuclear Fuel Caucus (goal: equitable basis for national permanent repository for spent fuel)

The published Report and backup information is available electronically here: https://mikelevin.house.gov/san-onofre-task-force-report/



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