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EDITORIAL: Summer’s Silver Linings

After a spring that broke records for disrupting every corner of our daily lives, we’re more than glad that summer has arrived – and we’re hoping for some bright-shiny silver linings along the way. Yes, the Fair was cancelled, and races will happen without spectators – but we Del Marians will enjoy our first summer in years without big traffic jams. And we can savor a bit of the Fair experience via the Fair’s Food Fix, a drive-thru way to achieve deep-fried bliss. Tasti-Chips or Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried Oreos and Twinkies, anyone? Or perhaps a six-pack of County Fair cinnamon rolls is your idea of a silver lining. We think a splurge is in order. If it helps, you can think of it as doing your part to improve our City’s sales tax revenue.

The outdoors, as it turns out, is the safest place to be during the coronavirus pandemic, second only to staying at home, and we have two miles of the greatest beaches right here in Del Mar. Our two live cams (North Beach and Powerhouse/Main Beach) make it easy to look for a less-crowded time to hit the beach for some soul-reviving waves and sand.
A canopy of stars might be just the thing to add sparkle to our summer. Some nearby campgrounds are open, where compliance with state and local public health ordinances can be achieved. Our region has a wealth of day-hiking opportunities, as well: just take along a mask for close encounters on narrow trails.

We’ll not gather in a big crowd at Powerhouse Park for a Summer Twilight Concert – the first summer we won’t have that opportunity since the Del Mar Foundation sponsored the inaugural concert in Seagrove Park in 1983. But we’ll find creative ways to be more social, while protecting everyone’s health and safety with masks, social distancing, hand-washing, and other mandated or recommended practices, so that we can enjoy summer with our extended families and friends.

The “we’re all in this together” spirit was a powerful force that helped get us through the spring. A sense of shared sacrifice (though by no means shared evenly) served to remind us of our common cause, and to provide useful perspective on what is truly important. For some of us, our summer will be better because we’ve just taken a refresher course on the value of down time and less-structured lives. And more than in most election years, we are wide-awake aware of how much is at stake in November. So here’s wishing everyone a restorative summer, leaving us ready for the fall campaign season, or for whatever comes our way when our summer turns to autumn.



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