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DMCC: April 2020
Terry Kopanski, DMCC President

DMCC’s Pandemic Response
Thanks to the Del Mar community for your continued support as DMCC responds to COVID-19 and provides critical resources to help our senior friends and neighbors.

• Providing grocery services was at the top of our list. Initially it was a challenge. Grocery stores were simply overwhelmed; store deliveries took 2-3 days, wrong items were delivered, window times for in-store pickup were unreliable. We have revamped our service and it is now working more smoothly. Everyone seems to have the groceries they need, especially our most vulnerable.

• We are starting to schedule free in-home lunches to those who were receiving lunches at our

Tuesday Lunch Connections Program.

• Providing hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, disinfectant products and tissues to seniors who need them was another priority, and they are now being distributed. We continue to ask the community’s help in donating these supplies.

• It was important for us to stay in touch with our more vulnerable seniors. A team of dedicated volunteers is now in regular phone contact providing friendship and assessing needs.

• We are starting to turn our attention to remote programming using Zoom videoconferencing. DMCC is offering online instruction every morning. Participants seem to be picking it up quickly. We tested a pilot program “Singing Apart” (called “Singing Together” in the pre-pandemic world) with everyone joining the singing from their own homes. It was fun and filled with laughter. Learning to Zoom may also serve as a stepping stone to Telemedicine appointments.

As Shelter in Place continues, many are starting to feel cabin fever. Learning to Zoom can help reduce that fever. To find out about our Zoom-based programming, make sure you’re subscribed to our email list. Let’s take the opportunity to stay in touch with our friends and family – and with each other.
Volunteer of the Month.

DMCC’s Volunteer of the Month for April 2020 is Klaus Gubernator, organic chemist and founder of eMolecules. Klaus is DMCC’s Computer Tutor and helps seniors stay connected with the Internet. Thanks for your hard work, Klaus!
DMCC programs and services depend on our incredible volunteers! To learn more about Klaus or about being a volunteer program leader for DMCC, visit dmcc.cc/volunteerofthemonth.

For more information… or to join our email list:
Please visit our website at dmcc.cc, or contact the DMCC office at (858) 792-7565 or dmcc@dmcc.cc.


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