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COVID Cacophony Call
Linda Chisari | Crest Road

Ashley Simpkins: We had a GREAT time - the program was the highlight of my week. The photo above is a screen capture from video I made of our Zoom sing-along.

We did it. Sort of! On Tuesday afternoon, frustrated by our inability to meet for our monthly Sing-a-Long, 16 of us, under the direction of Ashley Simpkins and the meeting app “Zoom,” decided that, perhaps, “Singing Together” could transition into “Singing Apart.”

Did it work? I think that depends on how one measures success. For reasons that most of us did not understand, there was a 2-3 second delay between what I played on my piano and the singing voices coming from various homes and devices around Del Mar. Was it “music” that we made? No, not really. We could barely sing in unison, certainly not in harmony. “Cacophony” might be the best word to describe our efforts at singing selections from Rodgers and Hammerstein.

But did we have fun? Emphatically, YES! The emails that flew back and forth afterwards confirmed this: “Fun and gave me some good laughs too”; “Linda- thank you for such a positive event! Lots of smiles, some frustration, learning new skills and most of all the great diversion of sharing music”; “That was such fun and so good to see all the smiling faces of friends :)”; “I’m so glad you did this and my voice and heart reached out….. good effort!”
Will we go on singing together via Zoom? Yes, indeed. We”ll try to get some advice about fixing the technical issues, especially the “delay.” Even without a “fix,” though, we”ll be able to see each other and have the joy of connecting through singing.





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