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Java JOY: Interview with Drew Jeglinski
Sheila Sharpe | 15th Street

Photo of himself at Little Joy
courtesy Drew Jeglinski

Drew Jeglinski is the new owner of Little Joy, the charming coffee cart next to Zel‘s at 1247 Camino Del Mar. He took over the cart from Zumbar on June 1, 2019, after having apprenticed there for two and a half years. This is not just a job to Drew. It’s a passion and has been his life’s dream to have a coffee cart—probably an unusual dream for a man educated at Harvard in both undergraduate and graduate school and with a background of secure, conventional employment as a college history teacher, a manager of ESL courses, and a director of The Adult Special Needs Program at Xcite Steps in Del Mar. Then it was time to give up security and take the bold leap to realize his dream. To learn this challenging business and become a highly skilled barista meant starting at the bottom, as a dishwasher.

Drew’s goals are to provide superb coffee and a warm, friendly place that fosters community gatherings and connections. His Little Joy has received many rave reviews: “Best coffee in Del Mar, hands down…way better than Starbucks ” He’s also a friendly, outgoing personality much liked by his many regular customers: “Drew is awesome.”

He describes why his coffee is better than what ispossible to get in bigger operations. His Zumbar beans are fresher and healthier, no additives. He takes care with each cup. His latte is a work of art, literally. In the last 5 seconds of pouring the latte, he makes a lovely flower design on top out of the foam. He’s partial to the Hummingbird blend, which he calls “liquid gold,” a mix of beans from Ethiopia, Latin America, and Sumatra with chocolate notes. My mouth is watering. In addition to his hand-crafted espresso drinks, he serves teas, local kombucha, cold brew in a beautiful setting, under the famous coral tree and right next to Zel’s where you can get a meal.

Now that you may be fired up to rush to Little Joy, unfortunately Drew has had to temporarily close the cart to ensure customers’ safety from the coronavirus. He is currently working on ways to continue service, including curbside pickup and delivery of beans and drinks within the village. In the meantime, he’s offering a sale of freshly roasted Zumbar Coffee beans, cool T-shirts, hats, tote bags, and gift cards. Otherwise he teaches online and spends more time with his partner and friends, playing music (guitar and drums), and surfing.
All of the above inspires me to get out of my unexciting morning coffee rut and dash over to Little Joy when it reopens.

Website: littlejoydelmar.com
Phone: (858) 221-7479 to order beans and merchandise.



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