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Poets Corner:

Linda Chisari | Crest Road

The beauty of Winter lingers with its glorious crimson sunsets
Catalina is in crisp profile on the deep blue western horizon
While shimmering snowy vistas sparkle on the mountains to the east
Fragrant smoke from fireplaces scents the chill morning air
A carpet of scarlet Camellia petals provides mulch to sustain rain’s gift to the soil
Seedlings of lettuce, mache and arugula emerge
Among the broccoli and carrot plants, producing since October

Now Spring and the promises of its longer days are on the doorstep
Acacia pollen dusts all horizontal surfaces and scents the air with baby powder-sweetness
Poppy foliage greets us as the plants quietly form their flower buds
The first sweet pea bloom is folded tightly, its lavender hue already apparent
Freesia and Babiana stems stand erect, soon to be flowering in a rainbow of colors
Mockingbirds pierce the air with shrillness while doves softly coo
Both singing in competition for a partner to continue their lineage


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