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Leslie Robson | 13th Street

Christophe Le Neouanic.
Photo Leslie Robson.

Christophe Le Neouanic arrived from France in 2005 to train high level military and police dogs in North Carolina and California. Five years later he decided to pursue a family passion, cooking. As a child in France, he had learned to cook from his grandmother. She would take him into the forest to collect fresh herbs, mushrooms, and berries. He later refined his cooking techniques in French Culinary Schools. Family and friends started calling him ‘chef’, although he has no formal certification or degree.

Upon moving to San Diego, he cooked in a French-influenced restaurant for two years. Later he managed a kitchen in a restaurant on his own. Undoubtable success followed his efforts, and he began selling his foods in Local Farmers Markets. Now, he sells his authentic French cuisine in the Del Mar, Orange County, Escondido, La Jolla and Solana Beach Farmers Markets.

Christophe’s clients have made his tri-tip beef, boeuf bourguignon, and quiches best sellers. His menu includes side dishes, salads, and family size frozen meals. The frozen meals are all undetectably gluten free and are ready to take home, so that busy people can enjoy a professionally prepared hearty tasty meal at home without the fuss. Currently, the take home food makes up more than half of his sales.

Besides the Farmers Markets, Christophe professionally prepares a uniquely traditional French line of pate` products. These family recipe pates includes “duck pate” (not to be confused with foie gras), “chicken pate” with black truffle or cognac, and a distinct rustic “pork rillette pate.” The pates can be found at Seaside Market in Cardiff, Jensen’s Foods in Point Loma, Frazier Farms Market in Vista and Oceanside, and at Major Market in Escondido.

Christophe can also put on a spread. His culinary expertise shines when he caters special events or parties, accompanied by his staff.

His culinary philosophy is, “I like to make a beautiful presentation, delicious meals, and fresh food at a truthful price. I also like to sell at the Farmers’ Markets because I can control the quality.”

You can find Christophe at the Del Mar Farmers Market from 1:00-4:00 every Saturday or the Solana Beach Farmers Market on Sundays from 12 noon to 4:00 pm. His website is www.thechefchristophe.com; and his email is: chefchristophe@yahoo.com. Or you can simply give him a call at (760) 504-2325 for questions or special requests.



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