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HOUSING and Jobs Data

CLAIM: “The city’s job data is seriously flawed. The city has overstated non-fairgrounds jobs by perhaps as much as 42%. The city council, led by members Haviland/Worden/Parks, knows the number is flawed - but has little interest in getting an accurate jobs count.”

FACTS: SANDAG, not the city, decided to allocate housing targets to cities on two criteria: Availability of qualifying transit (65%) and Jobs (35%). Del Mar’s SANDAG rep, Mayor Ellie Haviland, voted in favor of this formula because it resulted in the lowest allocation to Del Mar. The SANDAG vote to adopt these criteria would have passed with or without Del Mar’s vote. By focusing new housing near transit and jobs, the SANDAG goal is to reduce vehicle travel miles and GHG in furtherance of mandatory climate goals, including those in Del Mar’s Climate Action Plan. Del Mar has no qualified transit, so SANDAG allocated zero housing to Del Mar on that criterion. On Jobs, SANDAG used sources it is required by law to use, including State Department of Finance and Employment Development Dept. data. Del Mar did not calculate the jobs used by SANDAG to allocate housing.

The council, led by Mayor Haviland sitting as Del Mar’s SANDAG rep, challenged the SANDAG jobs calculations and secured a SANDAG commitment to review and update its numbers. The results of that review from SANDAG are expected shortly.
Del Mar did report jobs data in its annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and some of that jobs data is in error; Council has directed that this be corrected. This data, however, was not used by SANDAG and did not affect housing allocations.



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