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Sandpiper Endorsement:
Terra is Tops

The Sandpiper Board

The Sandpiper urges a vote in the March 3 Primary for Terra Lawson-Remer for County Supervisor, District 3. Though the ballot includes two candidates we consider qualified (Lawson-Remer and Escondido Councilmember Olga Diaz), the priority of voters should be to rally behind the stronger of those two candidates in order to defeat the incumbent Supervisor, who has proven herself to be out of step with the values of District 3 and Del Mar.

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar is in lock-step with the harshest of Trump’s immigration policies, and she was the lone vote opposing the County’s 4-1 bipartisan decision to challenge the Administration’s policy on asylum-seeking families because of its adverse impact on public health and safety in San Diego. She directed $100K in public funds to a questionable charity, and a decision to select that charity to run a $2 million shelter for sex trafficking victims, based on her recommendation while she was serving on its advisory board, was later reversed and put to bid based on the county’s “due diligence” efforts.

Terra Lawson-Remer is a San Diego native with a Yale B.A. and NYU J.D. and Ph.D. She served the Obama Administration as a Senior Advisor to Treasury, working on sustainable development policies. She is best aligned with Del Mar’s values and interests, and has a stellar resume that positions her to hit the ground running on our most complex challenges, including climate change and sustainability, environment and open space protection, housing, jobs, healthcare and transportation. As co-founder of Flip the 49th, which played a key role in replacing former U.S. Rep. Issa with Mike Levin, she also has demonstrated success in running a campaign in a Congressional district roughly the same size as District 3. While Olga Diaz has experience on the Escondido City Council, and we agree with her identification of climate action, social justice and reproductive freedom as core priorities, her most impactful action beyond Escondido’s borders came when, as a Coastal Commission (CCC) alternate in 2016, she cast the deciding vote to fire the CCC’s executive director, Charles Lester. That decision was strongly opposed by environmentalists throughout California and San Diego, and viewed by many as a cave-in to major developers.

Others endorsing Lawson-Remer include our state senator, President Pro Tem Toni Atkins; Mayor Ellie Haviland and Councilmembers Dave Druker and Dwight Worden; SEIU Local 221, among many other unions; and former District 3 Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, to name just a few. We believe Terra Lawson-Remer is best situated to win this seat in November, and the most qualified to bring the County’s policies into better alignment with core Del Mar values, and to craft smart, effective programs to address the complex issues confronting our county.



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