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DMF: November 2019
DMF Announces New Directors & Officers

The Del Mar Foundation recently elected Jeff Barnouw, K. Alan Lonbom, Betty Wheeler and Pat Vergne to its Board of Directors. Jeff has been active with the Foundation’s Cultural Arts committee and is looking forward to assuming its Chair position. Alan is a retired audit partner from Deloitte & Touche, and is excited to bring his professional expertise to the Foundation. Betty is returning to our Board, having previously served as Communications Chair. She is an active volunteer with Cultural Arts and Bluegrass and Beyond. Pat Vergne has long been involved with the summer concerts and is looking forward to assuming the Chair of the Twilight Concerts Committee.

With a mix of gratitude and sadness, we announce that Michael Halpern, Karla Deerinck, Donna Shaw, and T. Pat Stubbs have termed off the Board. Mike formerly served as the Foundation’s treasurer, and will continue to serve as an integral member of our Investment and Grant committees. Karla’s artistic touch has been on display for years at Young Del Mar and Special events, and we look forward to her next event! Donna Shaw has fearlessly led the Cultural Arts committee for the past seven years and will continue to volunteer with the Foundation. We’ve been excited to witness how our Twilight Concerts have evolved over the past eight years under the leadership of T. Pat Stubbs, and his willingness to continue to participate in the concerts is much appreciated.

The Del Mar Foundation re-elected Amanda Allen to the Board of Directors. The Board also re-elected its slate of officers: Sandra Hoyle as President, Ira Sharp as Treasurer, Alice Brown as Secretary, and Bob Gans as Past President. The remaining directors of the Foundation include Communications Chair Bill Morris, Young Del Mar Chair Jenny Galan, Sharon Bockoff and Jill Wheeler. Jan Barnes remains in her role as Administrative Director.

If you are interested in getting more involved, please send us an email at info@delmarfoundation.org. Also, continue to check for news at www.delmarfoundation.org and like us on Facebook (@delmarfoundation) and Instagram (@delmarfoundation).



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