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A Year or So to Go
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

'The orange line at top right surrounds to Surf and Turf R.V. Park
Source: 2008 Fairgrounds Master Plan.

As the Fifth Cycle Housing Element enters its final year let’s look at how we are doing in meeting our 2013-2021 goal to provide units for 22 households with incomes from less than $33,260 to $53,219. These “low income” units make up 30% of our allotted 76 units for the 2013-2021 period. In 2015 City Council funded a thorough 22 (units) In 5 (years) Affordable Housing Study and approved the following specific strategies that are in the process of being completed:
Obtain Covenants on Specific Plan Projects Being Developed. As a condition for a developer’s request to build increased density in exchange for exceptional benefits, Del Mar is asking for a specific number of lower income affordable units. The approved 941 Camino del Mar mixed use project will provide two affordable units. The proposed Watermark project has a potential of 7-8 units and Marisol is proposing 22. This strategy also includes an extra FAR of 500 square feet for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) with a 30 year deed restriction for low income earners. One deed-restricted ADU has already been approved.

Add Residential Use To Commercial Property. The City has gathered public input from nearby properties to add residential as a new use in the North Commercial and Professional Commercial zones at the corner of Jimmy Durante Blvd. and San Dieguito Drive and on Camino del Mar between 8th and 9th. The change would allow up to 20 dwelling units where only one per parcel is now allowed but keep the existing floor area, lot coverage and height requirements. The change is described in detail in a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) expected to be released this month for public input.

Encourage Condominium Conversion and Revise In-Lieu Housing Mitigation Fees. The City has increased the In-Lieu Housing Mitigation Fees in order to enlarge the Housing Reserve Fund. The fee is imposed when a development results in the loss of housing units. The City also approved Municipal Code 24.21 to encourage converting multifamily buildings to condominiums in exchange for setting aside or donating a unit or units to the City depending on the number of conversions.
Pursue Partnership Opportunities with the Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds property, owned by the State of California, includes a “horseman’s village” known as the Backstretch of about 273 dormitory-style rooms leased to seasonal laborers. According to our 22 in 5 Report this provides an opportunity for the City to collaborate with the Fairgrounds to create affordable units. Two other Fairgrounds properties, the “Laydown/Parking Lot” and the R.V. Park east of Jimmy Durante Blvd., also have potential for building additional market rate units along with affordable units. Del Mar Councilmembers Ellie Havilland and Dwight Worden are in active discussions with the Fairgrounds to work on these options.




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