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Thanks to the City Council
Donald Mosier | Climate Action Plan Facilitator

The Del Mar City Council approved moving forward with Community Choice Energy (CCE) by a 4-1 vote at their October 7th meeting, with Councilmember Gaasterland opposed. Her concerns were cited in a letter to the October 10th Del Mar Times. The council received a detailed cost/benefit analysis from EES Consultants at their meeting on April 15th, and many of Gaasterland’s concerns are answered in that report. Other details will be determined by the new Joint Powers Authority Board, and Del Mar will have a vote to influence those decisions.

The council subcommittee of Dwight Worden and Ellie Haviland has been working for the last 3 years on implementing the council direction to move forward with joining a CCE. Most importantly, the Climate Action Plan, adopted in June, 2016, highlighted that moving towards the 2035 goal of 100% clean energy could only be achieved with the local control inherent in the CCE governance model. The subcommittee also conferred with Solana Beach, the only city in San Diego County with an operating CCE, to understand the financial risks and benefits of a larger, regional CCE. I have been involved with city staff in many meetings with other North Coast cities and CCE experts from around the state to make sure that we recognize all the risks and rewards of participating in a regional CCE.

It is time to move forward, and I applaud the votes of Mayor Druker, Deputy Mayor Haviland, and Councilmembers Parks and Worden in taking this important step. Del Mar residents have been well-represented in this important and timely advance toward carbon-free energy for our community.





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