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>Fiscal Physical
>Sea Level Rise Negotiations
>UPDATE on Winston School
>Update on City Manager and Planning Director recruitment

Fiscal Physical
The Office of State Auditor ranked all cities in California as “low risk,” “moderate risk,” or “high risk” based on 10 financial indicators including revenue trends, general reserve balance, debt obligations, pension cost and funding. Del Mar was comfortably in the “low risk” ranking. Unfortunately, our neighbor the giant city of San Diego fell in the “high risk” category, ranking 61st out of 471 cities statewide.

Sea Level Rise Negotiations
Negotiations continue between the staffs of the Coastal Commission and Del Mar on what should be in our Local Coastal Program regarding adaptation to predicted sea level rise increases in coming years. Del Mar’s plan focuses primarily on existing sea walls and restoration of beach sand, and rejects the appropriateness of a managed retreat strategy. Some plan change proposals from Coastal Commission were refused by a unanimous City Council. If new changes are proposed, they would require City Council approval before going on the agenda of the Coastal Commission.

UPDATE on Winston School
The City continues to be in negotiations with Winston School over the terms of the City’s lease with the School. Reports indicate that both parties are finding the talks productive and positive. Evidently there was an agreement to set up joint subcommittees to tackle key issues.

Update on City Manager and Planning Director recruitment
Planning & Community Development Director
45 applications received, highly qualified applicant pool
1st Round of Interviews: 10/10
2nd Round of Interviews: 10/23
City Manager:
48 applications received, highly qualified applicant pool
1st Round of Interviews: 11/21
2nd Round of Interviews: 12/12
Community Survey: 16 responses received
Two city managers and one planning director from other cities are participating in the interviews for Planning Director.



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