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Thanks, Del Mar!
Kathy Garcia | Retiring Planning and Community Director

Del Mar’s Planning Department 2014
back, from left: Matt Bator, Adam Birnbaum, Joseph Smith.
front, from left: Kathy Garcia, Katie Benson, Patty Malik.
Photo Tony Corso.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your Planning and Community Development Director for the last nine years. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you, hearing your concerns, and working towards a better Del Mar. As I’ve noted many times, this is not an apathetic community and the respectful discourse on controversial matters will always be a hallmark of Del Mar. It has made my job challenging and rewarding at the same time; yet when a solution is reached, we all know it is very well vetted in the community. Del Mar will face many future planning issues that will need civil discourse; I trust you will engage with your next Director with the same respect and interest you have shown me. I have learned so much from this job and have made many new friends in the community. This position was a fitting way to end my career. In the upcoming days of retirement, I look forward to running into you, hearing your updates, and talking about topics other than just Planning!

Many thanks for a rewarding career as your Planning and Community

Development Director,
Sincerely, Kathy Garcia


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